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At Makepeace Newfoundlands we do not breed Newfoundlands as a source of income.  Our goal is the betterment of the breed.  We began our research of the breed some 22 years ago and waited for a year and a half for our first Newf puppy.  She was our foundation bitch and went on the become a Versatile Newfoundland, VN CH Waidin's Makepeace Addie, CD, DD, WRD, CGC.   Temperament and health are of the highest priority in our breeding program.  We are certainly proud of our Newfs & families that have gone on to earn titles in water, draft, etc. but we are equally proud of the many therapy dogs that are giving back in their community!  We believe that it is only through research and sound breeding practices that the Newfoundlands can continue to achieve the standard set forth.

Several years before being blessed with our first Newfoundland, we were told "It is an honor to live with these guys." This has proven to be very true and we hope that through careful, selective breeding practices we can produce healthy Newfs with a sweet disposition so we may share this experience with others. ~ Chris & Ivan




Puppies are in their New World - "Outside the Box"!

Click here for my view from "Inside the Box"



Click here for the Video  "The Girls At 6 Weeks"

Click Here for the Ben Video



Here are a few videos of Gales pups born on Tuesday, January 13.  Click below to see her 5 wonderful pups at 16 days of age. 

Girls are "Red" and "Purple"

Boys are "Green"  "Black" and "Frosty"

    Click Here For Video #1    

Click Here for Video #2

Click Here for Video #3

First Luncheon without MOM! Sunday February 1st, 2015

Click Here For Ben (gray & white)

Click Here For "Red" Girl

Click Here For Black Boy

Click Here For "Green" Boy

Click Here For "Purple" Girl







CH Mollybrook's Big Storm At Makepeace, aka "Gale"


Click here for Gale's Pedigree



Champion Makepeace Squire Boone


Click here for "Squire's" pedigree





Makepeace NEWS UPDATE:


It's been a fantastic year for Ivan and Berkley.  He completed his Bronze and Silver Grand Championship, 2nd award of Excellence at Eukanuba Championships in Orlando Florida and is headed for Westminster in February.  He finished the year as the # 4 Newfoundland in the country.  Thanks to his owner Kate Stankey of Big Luv Newfoundlands for making this fantastic journey possible.


Ivan & Silver Grand Champion Geminorum Noto






                                       Makepeace Family Photo Album -

                          look what our family is busy doing....

                      Meet the Newest Members of the Makepeace Family

Am / Can Champion Topmast Seamus At Northwood

 2008 Makepeace Versatile Newfoundlands

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